Decibel by Johanson is tireless in its efforts to
create new possibilities and improve the qualities
of its products from a sustainability perspective.
We place great emphasis on ethical,
sustainable production and good working conditions,
both in our own facilities and those of
our suppliers.


For all products bearing the Ecophon Inside
label our partner and supplier is Ecophon, a
company that takes sustainability very seriously
and is able to account for the materials’ environmental
impact. More than 70 percent of the
sound-absorbing glass wool core is made from
recycled glass. (In a process that is unique in
the world, glass bottles deposited in recycling
stations in Sweden are recycled as sound absorbers.)
Ecophon was the first in the market to offer a
product range made with a plant-based binder,
saving the equivalent of 24,000 barrels of
crude oil per year. Ecophon products also have
a number of third-party certificates that ensure
a healthy indoor environment. The production
plant in Hyllinge in the south of Sweden

is powered by electricity from 100% renewable
sources. All our design panels are made of pressed polyester
felt from recycled PET bottles.