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Ecophon inside

With its stylish, understated elegance Hertz is the ideal choice in a wide variety of settings. Hertz has outstanding sound absorption properties and comes in eight sizes, which can easily be combined to create a wealth of different patterns. All Hertz panels are 50 mm deep.


Product information

Technical specification


Ecophon Inside / Glass wool


Suspension with

sheet metal strip or magnets

Back piece in 


The fabrics for our sound absorbers are carefully selected and tested
according to the standard set by all the manufacturers.

Hertz is now available with your own unique photo or motif.

The print is certified based on the requirements for the fabric selection that allows the amount of air required to achieve the right performance on the products.

For price with your own photo/motif please contact Decibel customer support.

Dimensions in cm

30 x 60 x 5

40 x 40 x 5

40 x 80 x 5

60 x 60 x 5

80 x 80 x 5

120 x 30x 5

120 x 60 x 5

120 x 120 x 5

For special size request quote

Upholstery Material


Assembly instructions

Sound test

Fire test

Care instructions


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