Ecophon inside

Ecophon Inside / Glass wool

Wooden shell


Gabriel Xpress

Top/bottom in metal

with optional RAL-colour

Wheels for easy placement


Cubic, the versatile absorber.

In many environments, creating effective sound reduction is limited due to

the architecture of a room or building. This is where Cubic is a versatile option. By placing Cubic in a variety of positions, different effects can be obtained. Place it in a corner and use it as a “bass trap”, or central in a room, providing improved speech clarity. The small wheels underneath and the metal tabletop makes the Cubic perfectly designed to be used as a speaker stand or as a bar table.

Technical specification

Product information


100 / 200 cm


40 cm


40 cm


17 / 23 kg


0,16 / 0,32 m³

Cubic  16 / 32

Upholstery Material

The fabrics for our sound absorbers are carefully selected and tested
according to the standard set by all the manufacturers.

Metal top/bottom in selectable RAL color

Assembly instructions

Sound test

Fire test

Care instructions


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